Ordinary Joe, By Jon Teckman


Apologies readers, for my lengthy absence from all things bloggery, I was consorting with the local glitterati of Aylesbury amongst other things, which leads to my title of this post.

The long awaited book by former MD of the British Film Institute,  none other than the very distinguished Jon Teckman!

Feeling slightly out of place amongst the astute, highly educated clique, Mr Bluebell and I were delighted to be invited to a private cocktail party to celebrate the publication of this book.  Both of us also very much enjoyed the fast flowing prosecco and intelligent banter that followed, along with the Hors d’eouvres, quiche and sausages on sticks! A rather lovely way to spend a sunny afternoon.

Ordinary Joe was on sale for the first time last weekend, a signing in Aylesbury Waterstones saw the  30 (!)  ordered copies sell out, why did they not order more??!  I made the point of going to Waterstones on Sunday to bag a copy for myself and was sorely disappointed.  Trying hard not to throw myself on the floor in a major grumpalot toddler style tantrum, I resigned myself to ordering one from  Amazon and am at the letterbox like a rabid dog on heat eagerly waiting for it to arrive…………….its Thursday 21st July and …………………….still…………………nothing………………. yet…………………. hopefully it will arrive in time for the weekend.

If the reviews are anything to go by,  the fab article in the Bucks Herald click here and the success of Mr T’s book signing I am going to love this book.

I predict a Must Read!

Be sure to come back and read my review!


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