THE Best Make Up Blog EVER………………… well I think so anyway!

Hello everyone,
Hope everyone is well and looking forward to 6 Fridays left before Christmas ……………. NOT.index
Now I love Christmas xmastree but is it really necessary to fill the shops with sparkly reindeer and chocolate Santas in October?! I think not.
Never fear readers I wont be mentioning the “C” word anymore until approximately 1 week before.
However, I thought I would bring a little bit of early “C” cheer by telling you all about a fabulous beauty blog with fabulous products and even more fabulous step by step tips, just in time for those infamous office parties that I am sure some will want to wow their fellow co workers with their “out of work” looks. So ladies and gentlemen I have great pleasure in introducing the wonderful http://www.beautyandtheboutique.com/ .
Katie, the founder really is a genius. She’s an amazing make up artist herself, but has done us a huge favour but not only bringing us professional products (that actually work) but she posts step by step videos on how to recreate her looks..
I have watched loads of make up tutorials on Youtube, but they are never as simple to achieve as Katie’s. I stumbled upon her site when a friend of mine liked her page on Facebook.
So, Beauty and the Boutique is definitely one to watch out for.
I use the Veil concealer religiously but at £24 a pop its not cheap, but it does achieve amazing results, and turns me from the 30 something black circle eye bag lady into a fresh fresh faced nubile 20 something, awwww okay, its not that good but it definitely covers dark circles better than the 500’000 other concealers I have tried over the years. No, that’s not an exaggeration!
The customer service is fab too, I always receive my products within a few days and receive cute emails to let me know they are on their way.
Anyway, check her out http://www.beautyandtheboutique.com/ I am sure you will love her and her blog!
Happy shopping !


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